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Ztarf® art offers limited edition giclee prints on quality fine art paper that is numbered and signed by artist Teriann Rafal. Each spontaneously created piece of art is done in archival ink and is untitled. The designs are intuitive and transitional making them highly versatile in any setting, easily adding a personal touch to any room. Whether you are in suburbia, the city, ocean side or rural, Ztarf art can make your home feel like a private sanctuary. Choose upscale contemporary art for a modern, bold statement, a soft and subtle piece for a quieter relaxed room, or an understated elegant piece for more traditional classic appeal. A primary characteristic of Ztarf art is its self-interpretive element. It can be hung in any direction according to your personal tastes. This makes it a unique art form that can easily become a conversation piece because other people viewing the same piece of art often see totally different things. As you view the art and pay attention to its images, shapes and symbols, note what impressions speak personally to you. Whatever your tastes, Ztarf art can suit your mood and complement any room beautifully with ease. You can make a statement, and achieve the exact look that you want, while defining your room and leaving a lasting impression. (It is suggested that when framing you use UV protection and acid free mats.) Ztarf; art is Trademarked and Copyrighted. It is illegal to copy or reproduce in any manner, shape or form.