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The Traveling Peace Pendant™ designed by Teriann Rafal was given to me as a special gift and special- to- me it is! Wearing it gives me the opportunity to express my values in respecting all people and my belief that to be human is to share in the sacred thread that connects us all. When we become masters of ourselves, when we aspire towards lovingness, compassion, and forgiveness, we can strengthen our bonds and heal that which separates people and nations. Embracing the “we are one” consciousness is a steadfast reminder to choosing universal love. Teriann Rafal provides this noble effort through her pendant.

Fran Ganek – Worcester, MA

I’d like to thank you so much for the beautiful peace pendants. I can so appreciate the concept and am grateful for wonderful people like you who artfully espouse the values and goodness of humankind. I will proudly wear your work of art.

Elaine Grant – Rhode Island

I have always loved sterling silver, as it is an element that clears all that it touches, as it resonates at such a high vibration! Teriann’s sterling medallion creatively brings that vibrational grace into a thoughtful, versatile piece of wearable art. Within the design of her artwork, I hear the sacred words. ”I am all of you, and you are all of me. We are one!” Thank you Teriann for sharing your talent through the gift of your wearable art works!

Mimi – Kingston, MA

My name is SueRey and I would like to take the time to describe the pendant that I bought from Teriann Rafal. First off, she and her pendant resemble one another. Totally open to all and just like Teriann this is the message I get from my pendant. It is so meaningful and special to me. I get compliments all the time. To wear a pendant that can say so much and be in one round circle is what we are all living on. Earth One Love!! Thanks for taking the time to design and trademark this beauty. I am honored to have been one of the first to be able to own one. Also, very reasonable price for high quality with a lot of thought and blessing and love from the maker herself. I am blessed to know you and own the pendant.

SueRey – Sedona, Arizona

Good luck with the pendant, it is so lovely expressing the common spiritual bond of humankind that will I hope become the religare, to bind again of the future, tearing down once and for all, the red hydrants of geographical and spiritual turf wars that have caused so much pain for so long. I wish that piece of good energy to be shared with as many hungry people out there as possible.

Michael and Tania Marcotty – Guilford, CT

Ztarf® Arts is art from the heart…playful, intriguing…the paintings have a distinct flavor of Escher but more flowing, feminine, and less literal…they make me smile…

Laurie Brainerd – San Diego, California

I absolutely love this gorgeous, beautifully crafted piece of jewelry! Suitable for casual or formal wear, it complements a variety of necklines. With a spring skin tone, it looks fabulous paired with a pastel v-neck. You will love this spectacular pendant.

Trish McGunigal – Rhode Island

Several years ago, I received a round interfaith pendant designed by Teriann Rafal. In the center is a circle enclosing the words, “We Are One.” Surrounding the words, along the circumference of the piece are 8 symbols representing the major religions of the world. The piece brings to my mind how humanity, with all of our roughness, reaches for that which is perfect. We are indeed one and should live in unity and peace.

M.D.- Uxbridge, MA

I bought this pendant more than a year ago because it felt right to honor religious diversity. Since that time, my daughter became a Sufi, and is living in a community dedicating her life to God. Many of my friends are Jewish like myself and do not understand her decision and strongly oppose it. All I can tell them is, ” There is one God, no matter what religion you follow.” And, that is one of the many reasons why I wear and treasure this pendant like my most valuable possession. I strongly believe that if each of us would honor and support all religions, our planet would be a better place. What is a better way to show it than with this timeless piece of jewelry made from fine quality silver. It brings me luck and has a wonderful energy.

Yelena F – Framingham, MA

Honey, I got chills all over my body!!! This is so beautiful and I LOVE IT. The simplicity of the black and white, and yet the complexity of the pattern and movement was striking. I LOVE IT!!! I’m so happy to know what kind of art you are working with so keep them coming.

Tammy Goben – South Carolina